The Power of Reframing

How do you reframe your mind to get the things you want in life?

By doing things that suck!

That answer isn’t sexy. But it’s the truth.

Whether you’re working on rebuilding a car, remodeling a home or transitioning to a new job, there are going to be some pain points to overcome before the finished product is something you’re proud of. Reframing your mind has the same requirements.

One of the only ways to reframe our minds and gain the confidence we need to achieve the things we’ve always dreamed, is by making ourselves uncomfortable.

When you voluntarily take that workout class that seems scary, or call that trainer everyone talks about for a workout, or sign up for that race you think looks cool but have never registered for, something happens.

What happens?

You’ve made a commitment to taking a risk.

No one wants to fail. It sucks, it’s embarrassing, it doesn’t feel good. It’s exhausting! When you make a commitment to take a risk, you open up the possibilities to achieve what seemed impossible. Your commitment will empower you to achieve your physical or mental goal and/or give you the confidence you desire, the momentum you need and the admiration of the people closest to you to take the next risk in life.

That risk will be the beginning of how you reframe your mind; your mindset on what you believe is possible for your life.

Be Inspired!

Take Massive Action!

“Depression is a focus on the past, anxiety is a focus on the future... moving your body empowers you to be present. Get Moving!”

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