The Power Of Mentorship

A mentor is someone that can help you get the things you want in life by teaching you what they’ve learned through their experiences. A mentor is going to save you your most precious commodity. TIME!!

Before we start looking for your mentor, let’s identify your gift.

How To Find Your Gift

“Your gift is the thing that you do best, that requires the least amount to effort.” Steve Harvey


  • Define your gift

  • Write out a list of the things you love to do. These are the things that come effortlessly to you.

  • Then, research who’s the “best” in the world at what your gift is. Who’s living the type of lifestyle you can envision for your family, friends and loved ones.

Criteria you should look for in a mentor.

  • 🔹Are they Adding Value To The World with their business or brand?

  • 🔹Do they have the type of Financial Freedom you’re seeking in life?

  • 🔹Are they in love, and do they share their Love?

  • 🔹Do they have Peace Of Mind? Can they turn the volume down on their business and quiet the noise?

  • 🔹Do they have a routine that improves their mental and physical health?

If your mentor fits all five of the criteria listed above you should purchase their book, or the books that they’re inspired by. Start to follow them on all the social platforms, comment on their posts, send them DM’s weekly and let them know you truly appreciate their talent.

Here’s the key…

As you’re connecting with her/him don’t expect anything in return. Don’t expect a thing!!  When you aren’t expecting anything in return your passion, respect and humility will naturally come to the surface.

If your mentor has already passed away you should research their business partners, watch their previous live interviews and read the comments that their employees  friends, and family have made about them. Take note of their speech patterns, how they dress, what they eat and their daily habits and routines.

In 90 day increments incorporate one of their habits into your life.

Be Inspired!

Take Massive Action!!

“Choose or the choice will be made for you!”

Anderson Replay:

💪🏽Define your gift

💪🏽Who’s doing what you want to do already?

💪🏽Make sure your mentor has all FIVE of the required criteria, to mentor you.

💪🏽Over the course of 90 days add one of your mentors habits and routines into your routine.

Left: Ed Okeefe; EOK Media, Author, Investor, Serial Entrepreneur

Right: Jesse Itzler; Author, Investor, An Owner of the Atlanta Hawks, Serial Entrepreneur