The formula on How To Get What You Want With Your Health!!

The formula on How To Get What You Want With Your Health!!
-Chicago Mastermind Talk and Seminar

In my most recent trip to Chicago I was asked to speak to a group of seven and eight figure earning entrepreneurs and teach the formula I created on How To Get What You Want With Your Health!

I love working with entrepreneurs because they share the same mindset as athletes. All In! All the time, no matter what! Entrepreneurs have a do or be done mentality because they have to. Additionally, high performing entrepreneurs have a high motor for performance.

If you’re in the room, you know how to get what you want in business.

But do you know how to get what you want with your health?

Similar to building a high performing business, there is a formula to having the type of health and healthy lifestyle you desire.

The first step towards achieving the type of health you desire is to start asking and answering a series of questions that I teach during my seminar.

  • What do you want? Let’s get crystal clear on what you want.

  • Why do you want it? Motivation isn’t enough! Your “why” has to become bigger than your motivation. Being motivated isn’t your issue.

  • What’s missing? There’s a reason why you haven’t achieved what you want. Write it down and be honest with yourself.

To truly achieve your health goals you have to connect the following criteria to the questions above...

What do you want? Find a MENTOR who has the type of health and lifestyle your looking to achieve and mirror what they do.

Why do you want it? Bring an ACCOUNTABILITY partner into your life to close the gaps on what’s missing. Who’s going to hold you accountable for all the reasons you’ve failed in the past?

What’s missing? Start getting comfortable with being UNCOMFORTABLE. Create a routine that challenges you to be uncomfortable everyday. 5 minutes is better than zero minutes of physical training.

Be Inspired!

Take Massive Action!!

“Don’t Quit...EXECUTE”

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