Experience – The Right Kind Improves Health

Progress equals happiness—when you improve your health you’ll improve the experiences you have in life.

When you feel good it’s easier to hit the road and go for a walk, hike the trails on a local mountain, or go for a jog on the beach. Those are small wins and nice experiences afforded to us when we take care of our health.

What about the big experiences, the big WINS!

Some folks don’t want to travel on a plane because they don’t want to have to ask for an extender belt to buckle the seat belt. Some people don’t attend their children’s back to school night because they won’t fit in the child size chairs. Some people don’t attend weddings, physically-active social events, take boat rides, or even like to go to restaurants because they can’t fit in a booth.

The list of things my clients have told me they once had to avoid is heartbreaking. It is nearly never ending.

Avoiding those obstacles is robbing you, your family and your friends of who you truly are and how you can contribute to the world.

If your physically healthy but struggle with your mental health, you most likely also have a list of things, activities or situations that you avoid.

Your life experiences, as well as your view of the world, are going to change dramatically when you’re healthy. It’s been recently reported that:

1 in 8 Americans over the age of 12 have taken antidepressants. The number of children taking focus and attention medication has risen over 40%.

Folks struggling with their mental health are in as much danger (possibly more) as the people struggling with their physical health by limiting the experiences they could be having in life.

Progress is the key, not perfection, to finding happiness in life. Having life experiences, whether they’re good or bad, will give you a story to tell. Before you will ever have an opportunity to experience something new in life you need to make your physical and mental health a priority.

Work with a coach or an accountability partner, and follow a health and wellness system that fits your lifestyle. Please stop just thinking about doing something to improve your health, and please stop trying to do it on your own. The experiences life has to offer aren’t waiting for you.

Be Inspired!

Be Inspired To Take Massive Action!

“You get what you tolerate in life”

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