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Updated: Nov 18, 2018

How Brian Carcaterra returned to Major League Lacrosse at age 40 and became the MLL Man of The Year!

It started with a phone call six month before the draft. “Rob, I want to make a come back. I want to return to the MLL, can you help me get there?”

Hearing the sincerity and command in his voice I knew this was wasn’t a pipe dream. Brian was going to do whatever it took to prepare for the draft and his tryout for a major league lacrosse team in March.

After a 15+ year lay off from the pros, at 40 years old Brian was attempting to enter rarefied air to become a professional lacrosse player again... not unlike Tom Brady, Pete Sampras and many others, ... all playing at the highest level of their professional sport at age 40. I was confident we could create a program to get his body, mind and spirit prepared to compete. There would be challenges far more complex than that.

When an entrepreneur enters my program they have a completely different set of challenges to overcome than the traditional athlete.

Their businesses don’t stop because they take on a new endeavor. Their travel schedule doesn’t lighten up. They still have to be a mom or a dad, and a spouse.

Taking all of those things into account and creating a program to help entrepreneurs accomplish their goals is a challenge.

Training typically isn’t the problem, performing cardio and executing my online program isn’t really an issue for folks that need to change their lifestyle. For most folks what’s truly holding them back from a break through is having the right nutritional plan. That portion of the program for Brian really gave him momentum and allowed us to condense years into months.

Optavia’s five and one program allowed me to easily customize his nutrition program. He ate five Optavia fueling’s a day every 2-3 hours and chose one meal a day for his lean and green meal.

That’s it!

Six meals a day gave him the energy he needed to pound out my crushing workouts. 95% of which he followed online via video demonstration, while I wrote up what to execute on the field, as well as in the weight room and/or hotel room when he was on the road. The other 5% of the time we would meet up on the rare occasion that our schedules allowed us to be available and in the same time zone.

Receiving the phone call that he made the the team after months of dedication and sacrifice was amazing. Seeing how he has inspired entrepreneurs across the county to improve their health has been fantastic. Being awarded Major League Lacrosse Man of the Year for his contributions on and off the field is complete validation that you should never set limiting beliefs on yourself, regardless of your age and commitments in life.

Be Inspired!

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“Emotion drives action, get emotional about improving your health”

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